Lessons Learnt in a clothing bank

I thought I would share some of the lessons I have been learning throughout this unusual time. As you know I manage a clothes bank in the community, so I have been able to meet people and have not had to stay at home as I am a keyworker. So these are a few thingsContinue reading “Lessons Learnt in a clothing bank”

Working in a pandemic

Today I wanted to share my experiences of working through the pandemic and running a community project. To start with it has been an honour and a privilege to support our fellow humans. As a keyworker, I have been able to do this. We started our community project in May 2019, offering groups to vulnerableContinue reading “Working in a pandemic”

Mama to Mama

These beautiful clothes are an example of the amazing Mama to Mama project. This is a wonderful project, where pre-loved baby items are presented in a gorgeous box with a lovely note and given to new mamas. from mama to mama. The instigator of this idea is Jayne Furniss. The pre-loved items are sourced fromContinue reading “Mama to Mama”

January Reflection

You may have noticed a change with the blog-well there has been one. I completed my adventure into hope so the recipes will be there, but this year I will be taking a different stance. Following the suggestion of Writing Presence who writes an excellent blog, I am going to write twelve reflections, for theContinue reading “January Reflection”

Let’s change the environment by wearing rubbish

I have become fascinated by thinking about rubbish, because there is so much waste and yet also so much concern about our planet being consumed by landfills and what goes in them. So what can we do? I think we can commit ourselves to doing things differently, like this wonderful article shows us: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/topics/c77jz3mdmezt/recycling IfContinue reading “Let’s change the environment by wearing rubbish”