Celebrating another milestone

As you know I like to celebrate when I reach any blog milestone. And today I celebrate two things. The first is

2000 views-thanks for viewing everybody!

The second is a country who was my 2000th viewer and is very close to my heart as I have said many times.

India. This country is the second biggest reader of the blog. I am so grateful every time I see this country appear in my stats. I view India as a country of hope.

I am almost at another milestone and will do a shout out to the blogger who helps me arrive there when I get there!

Keep hoping everybody X

Hope before, during and beyond a pandemic

In January 2020, there were 34, 796 people more people living in the United Kingdom. I was one of them. I still am. In January 2020 there were 318,390 more people alive in the world. I was one of them. I still am. I am grateful to be alive and well. I am blessed. And I want to do my best to give hope to others, because hope helps us stay alive.

Hope has been my comforting friend throughout this lockdown. Hope helps me to look forward to the ‘new normal’. Hope supports me to structure my day, laugh, listen to bird song and to keep happy in the midst of this world crisis. Hope helps me to believe for positives even in the face of much pain.

Today my mum and I did our daily walk through a local wood. It was beautiful with the pellucid light dappling through the glorious leaves. And then we passed a very special tree. I noticed one remaining piece of blossom on it. And then, we heard a bird. Mum whistled and then several birds answered. Mum whistled several times and several birds chorused back. And that beautiful communication filled my heart with hope. Nature has a gift of inspiring hope. The amaryllis in our garden is about to flower and that again makes me feel hope.

So during a pandemic, daily walks and imbibing nature is helping stave off fear and panic. Watching little news and avoiding saturating my mind with horrific stories and statistics is helpful. I choose to focus on the loveliness of life and helping others, rather than the pain. I try to keep my eyes on the things I can change not the things I cannot do anything about.

So that is my path through this pandemic. And I am setting goals for what lies ahead. I am thinking about a ‘new norm’ of kindness, compassion and care for others. I intend to walk this path in the future.

So, today’s recipe of hope is to think about yesterday, today and tomorrow. What changes would you like to make for your tomorrow? What regrets have you left from yesterday you would like to put away? What would you like to achieve? Maybe write some thoughts down.

May you find hope as your comfort and friend during this pandemic X