Our National Treasure

Picture of Vera Lynn - the Forces Sweetheart | Vera lynn, Vera, Lynn

Yesterday a UK national treasure departed the earthly shore. Vera Lynn’s anthem of hope ‘We’ll meet again’ carried the UK through the war years. Dame Vera for me is the embodiment of a hope bearer, joining a nation through song.

Vera Lynn was an ordinary girl with an extraordinary gift of music. She used her gift to reach others, to support and unite others in hope. She was courageous; going to Burma during the war years, to entertain trroops on the front line. I watched a tv show last night and one person said that Winston Churchill gave the nation its courage and Vera gave the nation its heart.

I felt sad yesterday, but actually Vera Lynn had a great life and I think she would want to be celebrated. She lived until the amazing age of 103. She set up a wonderful children’s charity in her name and this helped a British paralympian reach the heights. It is amazing how one life can touch so many others. Yesterday I wrote about false hope and today I write about Vera, who for me is a symbol of pure, true hope. Our lives truly matter. They really do.

We all have a circle of influence. I know people who have caused a great deal of damage to other people’s lives. I also know of people who have a ‘ripple effect’, touching others enormously. I am aware many readers are not in the UK, however Vera’s beautiful singing is an example for everyone. We can all offer our gifts to the world, whatever they may be; cooking, singing, writing, caring, humour, advice. The list is endless.

So today’s recipe of hope is to offer what you have to others. If you are able to inspire hope, reach out and offer it. And if you are feeling hopeless, reach out to others for the hope they can offer you. And for now we hold onto the hope of meeting again some sunny day.

Goodnight Vera, sweet dreams and thank you. X

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